Sea of Love ★★★★

Skillfully directed by Harold Becker, this satisfying drama thriller successfully combines suspenseful scenes with erotically charged moments.

The clever script effectively makes the viewer alternate all the way to the climax between thinking the prime suspect is the serial killer and thinking she is innocent. And speaking of which, the revelation of who the murderer is feels like a cheat because the viewer has virtually no chance of figuring out the identity of the killer before it is revealed, but that fact has an almost negligible negative impact on the movie as a whole.

The song "Sea of Love" by Phil Phillips plays an important role in making the film as moody and atmospheric as it is.

An excellent Al Pacino gives a convincing and layered performance. Ellen Barkin is also outstanding in the role of the film’s mysterious femme fatale, and there is plenty of chemistry between her and Pacino. John Goodman adds some humor and warmth to the proceedings.