Sin City ★★★

I had no knowledge of the comics the movie is based on, so I didn’t really have any expectations except that I knew it had a quite different visual style. Speaking of which, the style, in combination with the plentiful narration, does give a very strong comic book feel to the movie. Though the style is really interesting, "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" remains my favorite movie in terms of unusual visual style.

I don’t see the style employed in "Sin City" as something that is used primarily for its own sake, and I think it is superior to the other aspects of the movie. "Sin City" is a visually stunning movie that gives the audience a different movie experience, but it is lacking in other areas. The acting is great; however, the characters are not sufficiently developed for me to sustain much interest in them throughout the movie. It’s a very violent movie, but I never got the feeling that any of it was unnecessary within the framework of the movie.

There was a small group of us watching this movie yesterday, only about 15 persons. I can’t remember when I last watched a movie in the theater with so few people. Perhaps that is a good indication of the fact that this movie definitely does not suit everyone’s taste.

"Sin City" is great from a visual point of view, but overall it failed to impress me. The movie is nonetheless worth checking out for its visual style if nothing else.