Spider-Man 2 ★★★★½

I saw "Spider-Man 2" Thursday. Here in Sweden the premiere was on July 7, so I saw the movie the day after the premiere. This was a must-see movie for me since Spider-Man is my favorite superhero.

"Spider-Man" is a great movie, so I had quite big expectations on the sequel. Fortunately, those expectations were met. "Spider-Man 2" is even better than the first movie, following the same style. It has a near-perfect mixture of action, humor, and character development. There is a risk that superhero movies focus too much on the action, but this is not the case with the Spider-Man movies. Sure, there are big action scenes, but the other parts that are important for a movie to be really great are also present in "Spider-Man 2".

I think the movies do Spider-Man justice, and when I left the theater the day before yesterday I asked myself if a superhero movie could be any better than "Spider-Man 2", and the answer came quickly: probably "Spider-Man 3". I am very much looking forward to seeing the third movie in the Spider-Man series.

There is one thing related to the Spider-Man movies that I am somewhat concerned about. Since the Spider-Man movies have no natural end, new ones could be produced every few years. Just like James Bond has been played by several actors, so we could have more than one person playing the role of Spider-Man. I am not sure that would be a positive thing. I would like to see the same persons portraying the main characters in all Spider-Man movies, so perhaps it would be best if the movies ended when the current cast leaves. I sincerely hope Spider-Man will not be exploited ad nauseam by the movie industry. He is, after all, my favorite superhero.