The Proposal ★★★

Disarmingly charming, surprisingly enjoyable, and quite funny romantic comedy with some unexpectedly touching moments. The film is predictable in terms of where the story is going, but it is the journey that matters. While it is hardly original or fresh, the movie displays honesty in its ambitions and does not overreach its purpose.

At one point, the movie seems to be descending into cliché of the tritest kind—the last words of a dying character mending a relationship between other characters—but an amusing twist proves that director Anne Fletcher and the rest of the filmmakers know better than that. “The nude scene” is fairly well set up and its payoff effective. Two over-the-top but undeniably funny scenes are the one involving a dog and an eagle and the one featuring a weird outdoor ceremony.

The crisp cinematography beautifully captures the Alaskan (not really) environment. "Find My Way" by the Gabe Dixon Band makes the opening sequence, during which that song plays, linger in the mind.

Nice chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, and their comic timing is very good. Betty White delightfully plays the decidedly colorful grandma Annie and steals every scene she is in. Oscar Nuñez has a few great, humorous scenes as Ramone. Malin Åkerman has little to do in the role of Gertrude, the male protagonist’s ex-girlfriend.