The Terminal ★★★★

When one thinks back on the movie after having seen it, one realizes that there are no major events in the story, and the reason is that the movie takes place almost entirely in an airport. That is not a problem for the movie because its focus is on the small things and events that tend to go unnoticed in everyday life.

Upon reflection I also came to think of some minor issues with "The Terminal", mostly having to do with the improbable things that happen. I was not, however, bothered by any of this while I was watching the movie. This means the movie worked for me, and I accepted everything that happened within the framework of the movie.

This original and humorous movie made me happy. The acting is superb and the atmosphere and photography are wonderful. I was touched by the motivation behind Tom Hanks’s character Viktor Navorski’s visit to New York, which is not revealed until late in the movie. "The Terminal" is really enjoyable.