The Triplets of Belleville ★★★★½

There isn’t much dialog in this animated movie, and the dialog that is there is not necessary to understand what is happening. One clear advantage of having little or no dialog in a movie is that the audience can concentrate fully on the other aspects of the movie experience, which not always get the attention they deserve.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to do "The Triplets of Belleville" justice with words; it is one of those movies that must be seen and experienced firsthand. It is different and weird, even bizarre at times. One example of this is that one of the triplets has an interesting way of fishing, or, rather, froging (i.e., catching frogs), not to mention the various ways in which the frogs are later served (popfrog anyone?). There is also an unusual car chase near the end of the movie. And don’t miss the final scene, after the end credits; it is hilarious in the context of one particular scene earlier in the movie.