Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ★½

"Transformers" does not exactly represent great filmmaking, but it is an entertaining film on its own terms; this movie, however, effectively proves that more of everything from the previous installment does not make for a good sequel. Great special effects and a few funny scenes cannot compensate for the numerous deficiencies on display here. The film is soulless, lacking both heart and brain; it insults the viewer’s intelligence; it is overlong; the story is stupid and incoherent; and character development is non-existent. Loud action sequences abound, but they are uninvolving and exhausting, not to mention that it is often difficult to see what is going on. Skids and Mudflap, the twin robots, are clearly intended for comic relief, but they only come across as annoying. And then there is the ridiculous scene with the Primes/robot gods—I mean, seriously … The usually likeable and charismatic Shia LaBeouf gives a bland performance; Megan Fox does not add anything to the movie, and it is painfully obvious that her primary function is to look hot; John Turturro has a couple of nice moments. Director Michael Bay has really outdone himself with this anti-masterpiece of a movie.