Zoolander ★★★

This decidedly silly satire of the fashion industry ranks above average with regards to its entertainment value, even though it seldom makes the viewer laugh out loud. Intentionally stupid and superficial, the film has a lot of fun with its stereotypical characters and cannot be expected to offer much insight into the world of modeling. It certainly seems like the cast and crew had a blast filming this movie.

"Zoolander" contains some very funny moments, with the more restrained gags often being the most successful ones in terms of comic effectiveness. One great sequence features Alexander Skarsgård, Alexandre Manning, and Asio Highsmith and ends with a bang at a gas station. The mermaid—or is it merman?—commercial and the scene that involves the words "A center for ants?!" are hilarious.

Very good acting, particularly by Ben Stiller (who also co-wrote the screenplay and directed the film), Owen Wilson, and Will Ferrell. There are many cameos in the movie; David Duchovny is noteworthy in a small role.