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  • Peep
  • Go, Go Second Time Virgin
  • 3 Women
  • Buffalo '66

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  • The Living End

  • The Puffy Chair

  • Unsane

  • Zero Day

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  • Unsane


    david cage ass movie. teleported me back to confusedly watching a lets play of heavy rain in 2010 and really only being able to ask "why is it like this". meanwhile my school friend is texting me about the twist ending in shutter island. she just got out of the theater. in just a few months we will say our last words to each other, though neither will know it.

  • Buy It Now

    Buy It Now

    more than anything im just happy to see another entry in the microgenre of art about all the ways the internet can warp womens relationships to sex and to their senses of self. really love that three-way splitscreen toward the end of the second part.

Popular reviews

  • Love & Pop

    Love & Pop

    any film that accurately captures even a single facet of what it's like to be a teenage girl is by nature a horror film.

  • Shin Kamen Rider

    Shin Kamen Rider

    there are probably about a hundred reasons i could find to justify disliking this movie if i was so inclined but honestly i cant imagine a worse use of my time than disliking shin kamen rider, when it, more than any other film, reminded me most of what it was like to play with toys as a kid, not just in the for-funs-sake nature of the action, but for the kinda stilted bobbing and weaving between narrative and action, the…