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  • 3 Women
  • Kite
  • Lucky Star
  • Lisa, Lisa

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  • Ultra Q

  • Mad God

  • Lily C.A.T.

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  • Ultra Q

    Ultra Q

    any given episode of this show has more creativity and ingenuity packed into it than most shows have in their entire runs. the energy this thing operates with is just intoxicating.

  • Mad God

    Mad God

    jesus fucking christ ahahaha. i cannot believe this thing exists. like the most vile, most beautiful distillation of shozin fukui, garage bad dream adventure, the live action bits of dragon's heaven, and jimmy screamerclawz, except its production both predated and in most cases far outpaced all of the above. it both soothes a very unhappy part of me that something like this can come out in 2022 yet also saddens me that i could easily see this being the last, the only of its kind.

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