Near Dark

Near Dark ★★★★★

Near Dark is a perfect watch in the middle of the night movie. It has this great, quiet ominous atmosphere that fits best at 2am. The nighttime scenes seem lit from within, which gives them this palpable sense of illumination--like nighttime is the real day, and the sunny brightness of day is the new burning poison. It's crazy how this creative cinematography plays with the audience, making us feel like we're vampires too. The moonlit vistas are so cool, comfortable and inviting. We spend so much time there in this film, along with the low hum, synthesized soundtrack, lurking with the violent dwellers in the night. When the daytime scenes are thrust upon us the sunlight feels so startling that you want to shield your eyes from it, while you wait for the cool blanket of night to arrive once again. This effect is terrific. It would amazing in a dark theater on the big screen.

I've only seen, Near Dark once before, and I can't believe I didn't realize how amazing it was at first. I like how Bishop, Vasquez and Hudson from Aliens are brought together again, so close to the filming of that movie. Bill Paxton is 100% awesome in this. Also, you can't forget the creepy kid from River's Edge. That kid is so disturbing in his menacing wrath. The underlying threatening edge in his little kid voice is truly creepy. He was really going to kill you in your sleep. Who was that kid? It's good he found at least one more role for his talents to freak people out.

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