Bell, Book and Candle ★★★½

Adapted from the successful broadway play originated by Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer comes this spell binding film from start to finish with a really good cast including Kim Novak, James Stewart, Jack Lemmon and Elsa Lanchester. 
When a witch named Gillian is bored and restless with her life, finds herself admiring her neighbour named Shep who owns an rare African art store near her apartment. Despising his fiancée, she puts a spell on Shep to fall for her instead only to  fall for him for real. 
The things that make this is the magic, Kim Novak and supporting players. As well as the set, wonderful technicolor and of course her cat, Pyewacket which was the name of one of the familiar spirts or animal guides that famed  Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins detected back in March 1644 in Essex, England.
The phrase 'Bell, Book & Candle' refers to an Latin excommunication method done by Christians by way of anathema ( meaning detested or shunned ) because the person has done something very sinful. Which could connect back to the number of women in Salem back in 1692 - 1693 who were all accused of witchcraft which was of course considered a terrible sin. 
Another funfact is this was an inspiration for the classic sitcom Bewitched - 1964-1972 starring Elizabeth Montgomery and you can see all the elements they added in from this to the classic show.