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  • Titane
  • A Brighter Summer Day
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  • Far Away

  • Possession

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage


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  • The Secret in Their Eyes

    The Secret in Their Eyes


    The titular phrase comes off both as a metaphor and symbolic representation for gaze and how it drives the narrative. Opening with a blurred, hazy sequence that we'll return to later in the film, it shifts to Esposito's (Darin's character) eyes. This is the central point of the film as memories play a larger role here- what we see or rather most of what we see, we only remember the visuals that impress themselves upon us. It doesn't matter if…

  • Tenet



    When it comes to Christopher Nolan, there are a lot of people who just blatantly dismisses his works because it functions in the mainstream. On the other hand, some people would go out on a limb to defend Nolan even if he'd just shot "Lungi dance." Now, to achieve a middle ground there needs to be a critical dissection of his craft, themes he loves to explore and his obsession with time.

    Tenet- Christopher Nolan's latest feature and possibly the…

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  • Far Away

    Far Away

    She's got a fantastic taste of music!

  • Possession


    HoopTober #3

    Political allegories overlap with the vicissitudes of personal tragedy in this ostensibly demonic tragedy. But I think what works best in Possession and has aged well is the lead couple's performance together with the imagery. It's not only haunting but also isolates the audience's putrid memories through its nature of repetitive infliction.

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  • Titane



    It's crazy, it's freakishly brilliant!
    Hands down, the best film I've watched this year and I wonder if anything will be able to top it.

  • Sardar Udham

    Sardar Udham


    I'll be dead honest here. Going in, I had assumed this to be another hagiography with its half-baked pseudo bs ideas (we discussed the stereotype in this episode) punched alongside melodramatic patriotic songs and overtly sentimental portraits. Instead what we get is a tremendous amount of good filmmaking that quietly observes and tries to understand the protagonist's headspace. The locations, the cast, the performance all show signs of maturity- one that's steeped in real-world problems and crises of a definitive…