Malignant ★★★★

Trust in James Wan to do a devilishly good Giallo. I'm still in disbelief, seeing this in the theatres, thinking how it passed under the censors' unnecessary long and interfering nose. The film, of course, signature to Wan's style goes beyond just spooking the audience. But the action foreground is so well made, especially the final act one tends to sway from everything else and focus on that.

If I may, the final act is batshit crazy with the mayhem taking a full throttle and that's where it works so well. It got me to the edge of my seat as in literally, as I was holding my breath. Hopefully, it doesn't get brushed under the carpet with so many nice releases this year including some good horrors too. Because this is a kind of film that needs to grow, slowly gaining a cult following over time!

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