• Columbus



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Probably the first movie I saw where architecture is treated like one of movie's main characters. And it's great! Also I felt really at peace after watching it.

    Oh and also that lovely green armchair! Such a nice armchair!

  • Cats



    So I finally watched it. And I'm speechless. It's so BAD. This movie had so much potential, all of it totally, completely WASTED. Also these cats look creepy with their human faces, human hands and goddamned human feet. I'm positively sure that I won't forget this movie anytime soon for it still haunts me in my waking dreams. If you want to get some trauma because you have none, or maybe you want to punish yourself for atrocities you committed or maybe you're just masochist like me, go ahead and watch CATS.

    Half-star is for Skimbleshanks song bc I liked it.

  • Vibes


    So... I've found that Jeff Goldblum was in some weird looking movies, so me and my flatmate decided to watch some of them. We picked The Vibes, because it seemed to be rather normal looking 80's adventure comedy. And it was... I can't recall what really happened in this movie. It left impression I can't pinpoint. I want to watch it again and I don't know why.