The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

I am so happy to say that, I was fucking right when I said this was gonna be the best Batman movie! My god this was amazing, just shows how great CBMs can be when studios allow creators to do what they want. Everything in this movie is just incredible from the amazing cast, the writing, the cinematography, and everything. The cast are all phenomenal. Ranging from Andy Serkis’ Alfred, to Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon, to Colin Farrell’s Penguin. The stars however are Zoe Kravitz, who absolutely crushes it as Selina Kyle and visibly puts her everything into the performance. Robert Pattinson as Batman is my new favourite Batman, he exudes this brooding reclusive rock star vibe as Bruce Wayne and is an absolute powerhouse when he is Batman. Each of the fights he has feel so full of rage and feel personal to Batman. My personal favourite however is Paul Dano as the Riddler. Right from the first scene, the Riddler is shown in a truly terrifying and bone-chilling light. Each scene his Riddler has is completely disturbing and creepy like something out of a horror movie. 2 scenes in particular I thought he was the most scary was the one with Peter Sarsgaard and the one in the third act before a giant plot point happens. They took Riddler, a character who’s been made fun of cause of his absurdity, and turned him into a terrifying, psychopathic serial killer with a sick sense of humour who makes essentially Saw-like traps for his victims. The movie as a whole has multiple scenes in it that will genuinely creep you out and scare you like that of a horror movie. The action scenes are also something else from the amazing fight choreography to the totally insane car chase with the Batmobile. The noir detective mystery aspects of the script is also just something incredibly done, giving off strong vibes that are similar to Seven and Chinatown. The themes of fear, corruption, and vengeance are constantly referred to throughout the story and in Batman’s arc which makes the ending all the more satisfying. The cinematography is just incredible, Greg Fraser went all out creating some of the most beautiful shots in recent years for CBMs. The music by Michael Giacchino is also amazingly done as he gives Catwoman, Riddler, and Batman their own unique musical cues. All in all, Matt Reeves absolutely snapped with this, making one of the best DC and in general comic book movies in recent years, it’s definitely at the top of my favourites list now. If you haven’t seen this movie, go watch it as soon as you possibly can, it is honestly the most fun, suspenseful, surprising, and gritty 3 hours, and every single second is worth it

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