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    Hooptober 2019 Film #14
    Film featuring the work of Screaming Mad George: 5/6

    Oh god. The many many GIFs I've seen did not prepare me.

    I get the comparisons to Rosemary's Baby, but I'd probably say a more instructive one is Through The Looking Glass (1976). Both are concerned with serious non-eroticised incest and bacchanalian visions of hellish indulgence. And both are fucking terrifying because they suggest lust unleashed, unburdened by morality can very quickly become inhuman and monstrous.


  • Carnival of Souls

    Carnival of Souls


    Hooptober 2019 Film #13
    Pre 1966: 3/6

    It seems foolish to diagnose a fictional character, but Mary displays all the signs of Asperger's Syndrome. Obsessed with a singular pursuit (organ playing), emotionally distant, somewhat lacking empathy yet craving connection. I saw myself so much in her that this became extremely effective. Eerie, disturbing and never boring this instantly entered into my great film canon.

    Some of the acting is variable. Excluding Candace Hilligoss who should've been a HUGE star, able…

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  • Mental



    Trigger warning: this review is very personal and contains mentions of suicide and mental illness.

    As I was walking out of work yesterday, listening to Ryn Weaver's beautiful 'Reasons Not To Die' as the sun was setting, I had a realisation, one that shocked me. I didn't want to die.

    I've had suicidal inclinations since I was young and as I've got older and gained more friends, they've become less intense. But secretly, very deeply down, I've always thought that…

  • Hobgoblins



    Hooptober 2019 Film #9
    The lowest rated film from the 80s that you can access.

    Kinda delightful. The first half hour is among the worst cinema I've ever seen, extremely dull and just awful. But once the Hobgoblins turn up this becomes amazing. They are quite clearly puppets so watching them pop up, soundlessly laugh and wrestle people never stopped being funny to me. Whenever they're not onscreen, this is weird and bad (Club Scum is interesting but disconnected), but…