Inferno ★★★★★

Hooptober 7.0 #13
Countries 3/6 Italy

The first hour is just one insane dream logic set piece after another; lurid colours, bombastic soundtracks and a growing sense of dread exploding in vicious, brutal, operatic violence. Relay race approach to character is effectively random and off-putting. Argento's use of space is excellent, all strange ascents and descents, like tests, a failure meaning death. Last half hour is slightly anticlimactic but contains a FANTASTIC song.

Many of the set pieces in this are at the level of, if not better than, the opening double murder in Suspiria. Might end up being my favourite Argento. With almost no plot to speak of, it's the purest distillation of what makes him so great, a descent into nightmarish logic, eye-popping colours and magnificent framing. Been needing a good Hooptober film to kick my October into higher gear. Thank god for Argento.

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