Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★

Oof. Something about this feels wrong headed. The discussion in my film club afterwards argued that the film portrayed an image of good people on both sides, a kind of metaphor about the way we paint politics in simple red/blue colours without understanding nuance. All fair and good.

But the nazis were different. There were no good nazis. They killed over 6 million Jews. I couldn't look past this, to see it as a metaphor for our current times. The enormity of the horror is still overwhelming, not silly.

Individual scenes are effective. Stephen Merchant as an investigator is perhaps the only time the mix of funny and horrifying worked. And the chaotic hell of the climax is weirdly effective. But Waititi is a toothless Hitler and there's some weird queer stuff around Rockwell and Allen's characters that put me off.

I dunno. I just left this feeling a bit gross.

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