Batman ★★★★★

This is my favourite superhero film of all time.

I just love so much about this film.

Jack Nicholson is amazing as the Joker, his performance feels authentic and he manages to achieve that perfect balance between the Joker's silliness and scariness. He may be joking but there's always a fear of what he will do, he is just so unpredictable.

Also, Michael Keaton is great as Bruce Wayne and Batman, and he plays both characters so well.

As well as being my favourite superhero film, it also has my favourite line in any superhero movie as well. When Michael Keaton breaks the vase and shouts: "You wanna get nuts? C'mon, let's get nuts!" I just love how out of nowhere and random it is.

If you haven't seen this film, why have you not? You need to stop whatever you are doing right now and watch it.

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