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  • Rage



    Tears. Tears. And more tears. Filled with marineted tears with tears as topping and some extra tears for side dish. The thriller, the tears, the rage in everyone's eyes like??? What an exceptional film. Cried a lot tho.

  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden


    Oh this one got me. What a surprised my dears, I was not expecting half of the 18393830 plot twits in this movie. Seriously amazed by Chanwook work, it's funny and light yet intellectual and strong. A lot of sexual energy too from the great cast. That's it. It got me like a dummy.

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  • 2046



    Beautiful like everything Wong Kar Wai touches. Half of this movie was me praying for Faye to get a happy ending and the other half was me jamming to Siboney (aka best song ever). Great plot and worth a thousand 5 stars.