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  • The Thing from Another World

    The Thing from Another World

    Howard Hawks 's science-fiction quickie directed by Christian Nyby; fast, crisp, and cheap, without any progressive-minded gospel-reading about neighborliness in the atomic age; good airplane take-offs and landings; wonderful shock effects (the plants that cry for human blood as human babies cry for milk); Kenneth Tobey's fine, unpolished performance as a nice, clean, lecherous American air-force officer; well-cast story, as raw and ferocious as Hawk’s Scarface, about a battle of wits near the North Pole between a screaming banshee of a vegetable and an air-force crew that jabbers away as sharply and sporadically as Jimmy Cagney movies.

  • His Kind of Woman

    His Kind of Woman

    Good coarse romantic-adventure nonsense, exploiting the expressive dead-pans of Robert Mitchum and Jane Russel, a young man and a young woman who would probably enjoy doing in real life what they have to do here for RKO. Vincent Price is superb in his one right role--that of a ham actor thrown suddenly into a situation calling for high melodramatic courage. Russell’s petulant, toneless rendition of “Five Little Miles from San Berdoo” is high art of a sort.