Yesterday ★★½

There's a lot I could point out here and there, but ultimately this movie wastes an interesting enough premise on a very standard rise-to-fame and risk-it-all-for-love plot.

There are some wonderful moments spread throughout. Jack singing Yesterday for the first time is beautiful and really gets across not only the power of that song in particular, but that time-stopping power that great art seems to have. But then he sings I Wanna Hold Your Hand and all it demonstrates is that some great songs are inextricably a product of their time.

This film is somehow simultaneously too reverent and not reverent enough of The Beatles and their impact on the world. Maybe it's just me but I feel like a lot more things would be different! Especially the music industry, where unfortunately way too much of this movie is set. Kate McKinnon is magnetic as always, but it feels like she's in a completely different movie from everyone else.

Danny Boyle's films often have a casual feel to them, like the finished product is somehow accidental, despite the fact that they're clearly intensely planned to feel that way. This is the first time I've felt that casualness veer uncomfortably into anonymity and blandness. 80% of the time it feels like anyone could have made this movie, and then there will be moments that would blow you away in any other film.