Possessed ★★★½

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Definitely in my top three favorite 30s Joan Crawford films! Wow.

Possessed is the story of a young, rural factory worker (Joan Crawford) who ruthlessly and unabashedly runs off to New York in order to seduce wealthy men and make herself a comfortable life. The man she chooses to marry, Whitney, (Gable), is a wealthy lawyer. In this short but delightful Depression era flick, we watch Joan climb from bottom to the top, all the while retaining her headstrong nature and self-confidence. She's especially great in this role, and the chemistry with Gable is undeniable. In fact, I was definitely crying over some scenes because they have some adorable moments.

Though I still prefer the 1947 Possessed with Joan, this film was a delight and I'd absolutely watch it again. A feel good love story with ups, downs, and plenty of lovely shots of Joan decked out in full Adrian fashion (with lovely art deco apartments for background!) 3.5 stars.