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  • The Looking Glass War

    The Looking Glass War

    THE LOOKING GLASS WAR–a youth-oriented spy film has some painful similarities to ZABRISKIE POINT. Directed by Frank R. Pierson, who adapted it for the screen from a John le Carré novel, it is a handsome, relatively sophisticated production that also fails at the primer level of drama–basic involvement. Christopher Jones plays a runaway Pole who is offered sanctuary in England if he will perform a mission in East Berlin for British Intelligence, represented here by Ralph Richardson, Paul Rogers, and…

  • Bolero


    George Raft, wearing pants that start at the armpits, and Carole Lombard (before she became a star comedienne), in clinging satin. The Astaire and Rogers pictures were making money for RKO, so somebody at Paramount got the idea of passing off Raft and Lombard as a dance team. The studio poured every sultry effect shameless people could dream up into this movie, and, almost incredibly, got by with it-though it was low camp even then. In the big number, set…

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  • Topaz


    In the last couple of years, the auteur theory of the role of the movie director has, in general press, evolved into its opposite. Originally, it was a defense of the studio system – and especially of such studio products as Westerns and action pictures – on the ground that those directors who were artists transformed their assignments into works with a personal vision, that they were auteurs who could fulfill themselves within the commercial system. It was on the…

  • The Sound of Music

    The Sound of Music

    THE SINGING NUN will make you realize how good Fred Zinnemann's THE NUN’S STORY was. Although the theme, the conflict and even the story line are similar, THE SINING NUN reduces them to smiles, twinkles, banalities and falseness. It is almost a parody of THE NUN’S STORY and, of course, without the courage of the conclusion of that earlier thoughtful, subtle film. Though THE SINGING NUN draws its ideas from THE NUN’S STORY, its inspiration is obviously that movie phenomenon…