Black Mirror: Hang the DJ

Black Mirror: Hang the DJ ★★★★

I find that a lot of the Black Mirror episodes here are reviewed by people in the context of the series, whereas here's me: just trying to look at how this thing stands on its own.

If you've never watched BM before (and I've seen very little) then this is a pure little vaguely sci-fi romp at first. It's obvious we're watching some kind of near-future tech-y, cult-y community where everything is provided for and the purpose seems to be just finding your soulmate. Initially, what's striking is we don't see anyone working, or going to school, there's no kids or families here... it's obviously some sort of opt-in living situation.

So part of the experience of watching is figuring out what that situation is. But of course, because this is BM, our attention is inevitably drawn to how the technology that we are familiar with in our everyday lives can be taken to the next level and exposed for the potential negative overreach it has. In this case, A dating world freed of a lot of ambiguity but one that becomes almost like an oppressive dictatorships. Kinda like a lot of marriages, amiright? heh heh No? Where my single people at?

Sooo... when you watch the whole thing you can probably look back and pick out some flaws, or maybe even before... Seems odd that flashpoint topics like politics, religion, etc. don't seem to come up on these dates. They focus instead on the little things like annoying habits or sense of humor, which everyone can identify with but it makes the whole thing seem a bit shallow. Like, you can't adjust to a weird noise someone makes but it doesn't matter if they believe in a flying spaghetti monster or whatever? How about family holiday gatherings for Festivus? We never seem people failing to match for some of the most important real life reasons like money management or belief systems.

So despite this being really rather charming and easy to resonate with, there's a lot left on the table to explore and add depth. It's a fun visualization of something some of us have thought about before, and the relationship interplay has verisimilitude, but this honestly could've been extended to a full 100 minute film and I would've probably liked it even more.

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