Steel Magnolias ★★★½

At first, I felt the pacing of the film was a little off. So much time is spent watching the women chat and hang around Truvy’s salon, that what happens to Shelby just feels so sprung out of the blue and unexpected. But then I guess, that’s the point. Life comes at you fast.

Sure the clues were there all along (her moment on her wedding day, the health concerns with Junior, the transplant, etc) but you, along with the characters, just kinda assume that it’s all going to turn out okay anyway or that once things turn out good they would remain that way forever. Grief is a hard thing to capture (it’s so universal and inevitable for all of us but yet so differently expressed by each individual) but Sally Field does such a wonderful job capturing the sheer anger and frustration felt in mourning. Overall a very sweet and endearing tale highlighting the importance of friendship and community, especially in instances of immeasurable grief.

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