Welcome to Sodom ★★★★

It’s no secret that modern technology is not meant to last the test of time. Apple and Samsung have both been fined for deliberately slowing down their devices after two years and everyone knows that whatever electronic device you bought five years ago won’t be able to compete with what’s available right now. So, with such a high-speed conveyor belt of technology flowing through our culture – what happens to the devices that we will inevitably throw away?

Agbogbloshie is a place previously referred to as the ‘digital dumping ground of the world’ – the place the phone or device you’re reading this off of will probably end up one day. Located in Accra, Ghana – Agbogbloshie sees 250,000 tonnes of computers, smartphones, and electronic devices illegally dumped on its lands every year from all over the world. Nicknamed as ‘Sodom’ by its 6000 habitants living and working there, Agbogbloshie is a wasteland of forgotten electronic scrap and poverty – all floating on top of a marshland that could cave at any moment. Directed by Christian Krönes and Florian Weigensamer, Welcome to Sodom is a lyrical, weary and intimate look at the effects of throwaway culture and those who try to make a living off of electronics long forgotten by the rest of the world.