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  • Seven Psychopaths

    Seven Psychopaths


    McDonagh just gives off bad vibes ngl

  • The Knight Before Christmas

    The Knight Before Christmas


    Ngl when I first saw the teasers photos, I thought for a sec that Robert Pattinson was playing the knight. Bit disappointed he’s not.

    Cute film and I like the fact the knight is from Norwich 🤙🏻

  • Joker



    Not sure what to make of this. Really enjoyed the last 25 mins or so & LOVED seeing Joaquin finally become the joker but not really a huge fan of his backstory running up to that (nothing to do with the acting, more the writing).

    Felt like a film that thought it was saying something really profound while really saying nothing at all. The focus on how people bully him just because he’s ‘weird’ felt naff (while admittedly v sad but…

  • The Goldfinch

    The Goldfinch


    Main thing I took from this film was that Ansel & I have similar mole placement. Il est mon mole twin 🤠

  • Zombieland



    I DON’T like when jesse eisenberg tries to be an all soft & likable idiot....I just don’t buy it.... Just you wait til he tries to dilute Wichita’s shares down to 0.03%

  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    I fell asleep 16 times watching this

  • Rushmore



    sure sometimes it was pretty dull, but he did save Latin afterall.

  • Weekend



    respect it but I don't particularly like it

  • American Pie

    American Pie


    When I was like 17 I got obsessed and watched all the american pies in like a week and......all I can remember is that he puts his dick in the pie, and I think at one point blink 182 are there.

  • The Sword in the Stone

    The Sword in the Stone


    Madam Mim is a MOOD

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood


    It's objectively good, entertaining, and the animation style is cute.....but something about this film just pisses me off???

  • Kangaroo Jack

    Kangaroo Jack


    I can't remember why I used to love this film so much but I was OBSESSED as a child ???