Malignant ★★★★½

The sheer audacity of this movie!!!
I cannot believe they let him make this!!!!

Stylistically, Malignant feels like a compromise between Wan's old shit and his new more Hollywood shit, in that it is flashy and edited like a nu-metal music video, but is clearly expensive as *FUCK* and using that budget in a creative way. So many crazy, beautiful, inventive shots in this, with some great blocking and brilliant blend of practical and digital special effects. And WOW! The sound design in this rules as well!

When my friends and I caught-on to what the whole catch of this movie was we roared with delight. Like, scream laughing in the best way possible. It's the kind of reveal that nearly negates it as a horror film but that in no way should be taken as an insult. It truly is wild that a studio gave him BIG money to make a movie where the twist is, well... *that*. I can't even imagine how you would sell something like this to some Hollywood suits but good on him for succeeding. Dude has talent and ambition out the ass and the fact that he wants to fully utilize that talent to make movies like this is why he is a favourite director of mine.

Also S/O to the 70's prison lesbians in the jail cell what in the fuck was that all about lmao

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