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  • Bring Me Home

    Bring Me Home


    정말 오랜만에 스토리, 캐릭터 발전, 연기, 촬영술이 좋은 한국영화를 봤다. 신인감독이라는게 믿기지 않다. 정말 10년동안 많은 생각과 고민을 한 흔적이 보인다. 그리고 역시 이영애. 연기는 너무나도 당연하지만 캐릭터를 정말 완벽하게 소화해냈다. 조연 캐릭터들도 일차원적이지 않고 각각 어떠한 사연을 갖고 행동에 의도가 있다는 걸 섬세한 대사와 촬영술로 보여줬다. 그냥 필요해서 만들어 놓은 캐릭터들이 아니다. 그래서 더욱 그들의 아픔을 체감하게 되고 전체적 스토리에 현실감을 느꼈다.

    자기 아이에 대한 한국 부모님들의 끝입없는 열정에 가슴이 벅차다. “엄마”의 울음소리에 울고 난 후 나는 마지막까지 긴장감에 벌벌 떨었다.

  • The King of Jokgu

    The King of Jokgu


    쓸데없는 것을 아름다운 쓸모로.
    안재홍의 완벽한 연기와 이야기를 이끌어 나가는 재치가 이 영화를 살려줬다.

  • Firecrackers



    It's messy, almost dirty. It's raw, unfiltered, honest. Vulnerable and ferocious, the two young girls in the small town are ultimately fighting with themselves to figure this shit called life. Feelings come before words, and we truly feel it in our hearts.

    I definitely did not give the attention that it deserves from watching it on the plane. But if this is how I felt from watching it on the plane, I think this says a lot about the film.

  • Booksmart



    A funny, fresh, fast-paced comedy; a dedication to the times we spontaneously went out of our comfort zone and embarrassed ourselves, or a love letter to all of us who stuck to a very chill sleepover on a Friday night.

    A great debut film for Wilde which puts Dever and Feldstein on the radar as two of the funniest young actors out there. Despite having Will Ferrell's name in the credits, I actually really enjoyed this.

  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


    I vaguely remember liking this film, and the second time, I can confirm that I do.

    Fantastical in the ordinary; A little bit cheesy, and definitely very ambitious. I think why I like this film is all to do with its sweet-naturedness and its cinematography, with Life's motto lingering in the background.

  • Extreme Job

    Extreme Job


    a comedy show with typical violent fist fights (which always include a woman-to-woman fight) that koreans love in action films. nothing new or different but got all the good laughs.

  • The Wandering Chef

    The Wandering Chef


    어머니의 그리움을 찾아.
    한국의 미를 만들며.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    i cried and i blame happy hogan.

  • Very Ordinary Couple

    Very Ordinary Couple


    아름답지 않아도 괜찮다.
    판타지를 뺀 현실적인 멜로. 그래서 더욱 더 와 닿고 슬프다.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    you can never get tired of her royal majesty.

  • Default



    the future of our past is inherently our present.
    was this the catalyst to what we call "헬조선"?

  • Intimate Strangers

    Intimate Strangers


    어른들의 사정이라는 변명? a black comedy of sort. the strong acting by a group of incredible actors is what really keeps the plot moving.

    such korean cultural specific problems that i think if you understand the subtleties, you can laugh a little more and maybe feel slightly more uncomfortable.