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  • Cold Mountain

    Cold Mountain


    What's commendable is the scale and and production design. This movie covers a lot of ground in an interesting period (Civil War). Almost too much ground.

    Something that is unavoidable to mention are the accents from Jude Law and (to a greater degree) Nicole Kidman. Jude Law at least has a good performance, but Nicole Kidman is just so drab and underwhelming to watch. Their chemistry at the beginning isn't very convincing either, although it does develop.

    The two leads…

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant

    This was not as much an Alien movie as it was a movie about artificial intelligence.

    It starts off good, establishing characters under sad circumstances. Then it has some character doing some dumb things in order to move the story forward. It's basically a decent slasher for the first 30 minutes. Then Scott feels the need to put MORE backstory into the already convoluted Aliens history. BUT he doesn't include that much, instead, he focuses on what the AI robot,…

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  • The Burning

    The Burning


    Seems to spend a bit too much time with the kids playing around with each other.
    When the sheer starts slashing though, it's a pretty thrilling and engaging slasher. Nothing shocking or unexpected really happens except for the little bit at the end between the hero and the slasher.
    Just don't watch it before going to summer camp.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Lawrence of Arabia


    Writing a review for a movie like Lawrence of Arabia (there are very few movies like it) is so overwhelming since the movie is so chalk full of development and themes. It seems impossible to encapsulate what the movie stands for.
    What we have here isn't only intense visual story telling, but a character driven adventure. So who do they get to carry this vast tale? Not Marlon Brando (he turned it down), but a relatively unknown stage actor who…