A Most Wanted Man

A Most Wanted Man ★★★½

who'd've thunk hoffman would be so subtly hilarious in this role? he's not just an old pro who's seen everything, he's a real character.

corbijn employs his distinctly beautiful photography without sacrificing a cool sense of realism. sadly, the score feels a little too spy movie-like. it works against that tone and at times the whole thing comes off way more generic than any other corbijn effort thus far.

i don't think my brain can handle spy thrillers in general. watching this was similar to my experience with tinker tailor solider spy. sometimes i understood what was happening and it was interesting, but then i'd fade out and have no idea why something was important.

the cast is top-notch. robin wright and willem dafoe rock it. i sometimes had trouble buying rachel mcadams as a real--not famous beautiful rich actress--person, though.

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