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  • Red Desert

    Red Desert

    especially amidst recent personal events, no film has ever felt so relatable, forgetting how to function, gazing at familiar faces yet not identifying any hints of familiarity. walking aimlessly and puzzling over things you take for granted, only for reality to repossess consciousness and feeling ever more so in a blank state and uncertain of where you're heading

    "the little birdies know by now" is a lowkey pretty ironic and funny statement on the human psyche

  • The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz


    Stalker is just a philosophical version of this

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  • Climax



    the film you are about to see was born under the sound of stars
    not found in a dump.. HEHE

    oh yeah, youth! real people! dissociation!

    hey guys look I LIKE HARAKIRI and fucking POSSESSION
    yeah fucking fritz lang
    i know what i'm talking about
    this shot so a e s t h e t i c c
    step aside, GASPAR NOE IS IN DA HOUSE

    yeah mindless dancing for 5 mintues!!

    koOl shifts, who tf…

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    “Strange.. why are we afraid of the first time?? Every day in life is a first time. Every morning is new! We never live the same day twice. We’re never afraid of getting up every morning.


    Maybe this quote means nothing without the context, but I’m still gonna leave it there. Yi Yi is the GOAT. The first time I watched it, I knew I had just witnessed something special, but not this good. And I’m not ashamed about it…