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What We're Watching: June 18, 2021

Brock: "Having already done the live-action redo of 101 Dalmatians in the 1990s, Cruella (2021) is a prequel tale like their two successful Maleficent movies. Yet, in a way this feels more like Disney's response to Joker, but obviously not going that dark; this one is part origin story, part caper movie, and part revenge flick and a ton of fun. Terrific art direction and costumes were to be expected, but the script, direction and performances are surprisingly stellar. Emma Stone does a Clark Kent/Superman dual role, showing…

What We're Watching: June 11, 2021

Arnie: "As we prepare for F9 I have started a Fast & Furious rewatch of the entire movie series. Of course, you can hear our reviews of the movies in our archives, but this time I have a slightly altered view of the original film. Paul Walker’s tragic death really casts a shadow on the original The Fast and the Furious (2001) as you see his character Brian O’Conner learning to race. He spins out, loses control of his car, and Brian’s overconfidence gives him a verbal smackdown…

What We're Watching - June 4, 2021

Brock: "For family movie night this week we watched A League of Their Own (1992), which still plays beautifully for the most part due to the good story and lead performances by Tom Hanks, Geena Davis and Lori Petty. The director's 'message mallet' lands hard at times, especially in the third act coda. Yes, they are appropriate and good points to make, no doubt, but presented with a lack subtlety, to put it nicely. My daughter requested this summer we make time to watch additional…

Everything Coming to Now Playing Podcast in June 2021

We’re less than halfway to Halloween but Now Playing Podcast can’t wait that long to get back to horror. In June, the show is serving up all new episodes in two long-running horror (or horror-adjacent) retrospectives alongside a real-life murder mystery, a patron-supported tale of terror, and more zombies. There’s also a return to movie theaters with one of the year’s most anticipated blockbusters on the menu, and an all-new bonus retrospective series.

What We're Watching: May 21, 2021

Brock: "The Invisible Man (2020) is a really well done 21st century update of the Invisible Man story. Suspenseful, exciting, plays with the audience and their expectations, great use of special effects, and tells this plausible yet implausible story well. Shades of Gaslight, Sleeping with the Enemy and even Terminator 2 at times combine into a lesson of what all modernizations of a classic story should be. And most importantly, it is entertaining to watch. Strong lead performance by Elizabeth Moss keeps it together, even in the scenes when she is…

What We're Watching: May 14, 2021

Brock: Had a week of long overdue rewatches of excellent films. Starting off with Ang Lee's wonderful Sense and Sensibility (1995), and then three of the all-time great gangster movies: The Godfather (1972), The Godfather Part II (1974) and Goodfellas (1990).And afterwards, I

What We're Watching: April 30, 2021

Brock: "The night before this year's Oscar telecast finally had a chance to see Minari (2020). While I was getting a little impatient with the slower pace as the second act progressed, I then got hit with the realization of just how engrossed in the story, the characters and in their dynamics I had become; so much so when the climax occurred I had my hands over my agape mouth, startled and feeling so bad for the family. Youn Yuh-jung was the highlight,…

Everything Coming to Now Playing Podcast in May 2021

With more movie theaters coming back online and confidence building that 2021’s tentpole release dates will stick, Now Playing Podcast enters May 2021 with a packed schedule that includes a return to a long-dormant theatrical franchise, new streaming sequels and originals, a dangerously thrilling new donation retrospective, and another Disney Plus Marvel series review.

Soundtrack Spotlight: Until the End of the World

Usually, I see a movie, hear the music, and want to listen to the soundtrack. But sometimes it works the other way--as it did in 1992. I was browsing the Soundtrack section of a used music store and saw a soundtrack for Until the End of the World. I’d never heard of that 1991 Sam Neill sci-fi drama, but the roster of bands on the soundtrack floored me. How could a soundtrack have original songs by REM, Depeche Mode, Julee Cruise, Talking Heads,…

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Most Americans remember the First Gulf War as a quick and decisive U.S. victory, but director Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs) sees it as the beginning of a White House corporate takeover in his 2004 version of Manchurian Candidate. Should shellshocked Denzel Washington get back on his meds, and stop accusing fellow soldier Liev Schrieber of being a sleeper agent? Or is this Vice Presidential hopeful really in the pocket of Big Pharma, or worse… his mother Meryl Streep!? Find out if this remake truly is a dream by Listening Now at

Mary Elizabeth Winstead flees an angry lover in New Orleans only to crash her car at 10 Cloverfield Lane. Should the battered woman be afraid of bumping into the big monster that toppled New York City in the previous installment? Or is she just being gaslit by her paranoid survivalist savior John Goodman? And how does this claustrophobic game of Chutes and Ladders play to an audience that's already been living in quarantine for months?


Election got you stressed? Tune out today's political noise and vote to reinstate the 1962 Manchurian Candidate instead. Can troubled soldier Frank Sinatra stop Deep State Communists from using a brainwashed Korean War vet to gain control of the White House? And would the country be any better off run by Angela Lansbury, who uses her windbag husband and the power of television to promote Red Scare fake news and Murder, She Wrote reruns? Find out if Jakob, Stuart, and Arnie endorse this paranoid classic.