Heavy ★★★★★

Once in awhile, a movie comes along and speaks directly to me that it's almost painful to watch. And yet, I'm not sure if it will connect with others as much as it did for me. As someone who grew up overweight and insecure (not to mention painfully shy), this hit way too close to home. I worked at a job where I had an unrequited crush on a gal that had a shitty boyfriend, and I drove her home once and... well... maybe you should just see this incredible piece of understated filmmaking from a guy who has made movies I love (Copland) and movies that disappoint (Walk The Line).

This is definitely his best film, but for entirely personal reasons so you may think this is nothing special. I love how subdued and minimal almost every moment is, and yet, when he binge eats it almost plays like a horror movie (especially with the ambient music accompanying his quiet fits of madness). It reminds me of David Gordon Green with a freakishly eerie score by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. Debbie Harry is great, and Evan Dando is quite believable as an asshole boyfriend. But Pruitt Taylor Vince gives one of my favorite performances by any actor ever*

*yep, hyperbole alert. but again, for personal reasons, i mean it!

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