Room ★★★

The first half is done well enough, but once they got out of Room (spoilers: they get out of Room), it kinda flops around until it ends. The first half is focused: you have two people trapped in a room, and they're trying to get out. A simple story that affords plenty of fleshing out to entertain. But what do you do when you actually leave Room? That's an issue that both the characters and the filmmakers struggle with. It introduces a whole bunch of topics that it could deal with but never delves deeply into them and takes more of a quantity over quality approach. Is it gonna focus on the girl's dad and his inability to accept his illegimate grandson? No, once they introduce that possible thread of discussion, it's over. As in, you literally never see the dad again. Is it gonna deal with the mom's frustration at having missed out on a normal life? No, she'll just yell once and then get over it off-screen and for no reason. Is it gonna be about the child's possible stunted development? No, a therapist mentions his concerns but the boy assimilates without difficulty.

This movie emphasizes the importance of narrative structure. The climax needs to come close to the end of the film or else you'll have a floundering blob of undeveloped ideas and boredom inducing trifle.

Props to the child actor, though. He's probably the most believable child actor I've ever seen in a movie, and considering the range of emotions and screen time he has, that's quite an accomplishment