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  • First Cow
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    the society adam driver comes from in this movie is minimum 65 million years old, galaxies away from earth, and capable of long term intergalactic space travel and people in it still have SALARIES?? 

    i workshopped this review in a group chat before posting here. got two laugh reactions so i think it’s solid. hope it results in some likes here 🙏

  • Creed III

    Creed III


    Genuinely very pleasing how inventive this franchise can be after 9 movies of the same basic structure. Michael B. Jordan is good at too many things!

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  • Life Itself

    Life Itself


    Why didn’t they call it This is Bus?

  • Belfast


    It’s such a weird self own to shoot a movie in black and white except for sequences where the main character is watching things that move and inspire him. It’s like saying: these pieces of art are wonderful and full of life - not like the movie you’re currently watching! 

    97 minutes has never felt more like 3 hours. Shout out to the guy who was sitting one seat down from me and walked out 20 minutes in. I wish I had been as brave as you!