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  • It



    "It" isn't all that scary in the way "The Conjuring" or "Insidious" or even "The Exorcist" might be, but it's a film that plays on fear, adolescence, and friendship. It also has a lot of heart.

  • The Passion of the Christ

    The Passion of the Christ


    Torture porn is okay...if it involves Jesus. Right?!

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  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel


    People who dislike this movie, good for you. I, on the other hand, think it is a great, visually spectacular take on the Superman mythology. Haters use the following issues as fodder for their skewed perspective:

    1. Superman lets people die.

    You dipshits, were you not watching the dozens of people he saved on the oil rig? Or the helicopter pilot? Or the MILLIONS of people he saved by destroying the world engine? Pay fucking attention.

    2. Jonathon Kent is…

  • A Serbian Film

    A Serbian Film


    The only movie I stopped watching after the first 20 minutes. It's like an endurance test for film watching...and happily I failed. Garbage.