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  • The Inevitable

    The Inevitable


    a potter and his wife are chosen to run a an inn in the deserts of rajasthan, and after sending their only son away with a wealthy couple to make his fortune they take to murdering their guests for their riches, at first to speed their son's return. prakash jha (still in his early parallel cinema phase) directs with an odd delicacy and a great eye for the rajasthan desert setting, and an avoidance of psychological realism (as the killings…

  • Border



    j.p. dutta's late '90s war epic, dramatizing an incident in which a company of 120 punjabi soldiers held off their remote border post against a 1,000s strong pakistani tank division, waiting for dawn to rise and their air force backup to appear.

    spends 2/3 running building tension and establishing place an character, which is made a pleasure through dutta's talent for genre cliche and a certain heightened register, the last 1/3 is when the hammer drops and the extraordinary, sustained…

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  • Jauja



    jauja is often but not always about a man trying to walk through a landscape without falling, although he ends up falling often.

    jauja is a film for people who love horses and dogs.

    the horizon in jauja rarely dominates, it is a landscape film where the screen is most often dominated by tall grass, rocks, dirt, still water, rocks. in one of the central moments the night sky dominates the frame, but in that shot the central figure is…

  • Blackhat



    what i remember the most -

    the range of voices, accents, rhythms of speech

    hemsworth looks down on wei's neck as they're flying, and mann's shallow focus tricks become a vehicle for a kind of love, in that moment

    the sheer terror of the firefights, the vulnerability of the men and women

    the eyes of viola davis in her last close-up

    whatever 2015 is or will become this seems like the right film