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  • Prisoners of Conscience

    Prisoners of Conscience


    "the emergency told the middle class what the poor already knew."

    true national crisis documented from the side of those who were jailed and tortured for their response. somehow both straight as an arrow and cynical and rabble rousing, and in moments impossibly affecting. maybe lacks structural brilliance of ram ke naam but how could it, this is addressing wounds that were still bleeding.

  • Coincidence



    there's something wonderful about the way this early yash chopra film switches gears between classic thriller genres - a house invasion madman on the loose genre becomes a whodunnit becomes a locked room murder mystery. the centerpiece scene of the movie (which largely takes place in a single house/studio set) throws away genre and just shoots a strange, sad scene of two lost souls drinking whiskey or juice on the floor with the lights down and feeling at once blessed…

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  • Jauja



    jauja is often but not always about a man trying to walk through a landscape without falling, although he ends up falling often.

    jauja is a film for people who love horses and dogs.

    the horizon in jauja rarely dominates, it is a landscape film where the screen is most often dominated by tall grass, rocks, dirt, still water, rocks. in one of the central moments the night sky dominates the frame, but in that shot the central figure is…

  • Three



    tiny fable of spiritual growth at unimaginable cost.

    the body is fragile and soul is vulnerable. moves to an internal music i'm still struggling to hear, same melody as that other baffling masterpiece life without principle.

    think none of us understand this.