Har Har Byomkesh ★★★

first entry in the modern bengali byomkesh bakshi film series directed by arindam sil, would be tempted to say this feels like prestige tv if only prestige tv still referred to peak late '80s bbc poirot episodes. moves slowly and confidently through its plot set up (this is a 110 minute detective film where the murder doesn't occur till nearly the halfway point), luxuriating in simple character work and the atmosphere of the varanasi setting. minor almost by design, but it's appealing to see this kind of film stick to the quiet pleasures of detective genre, avoiding nearly all of the franchise touchstones that almost sank dibakar banerjee's ambitious hindi language take on the same character.

extra points for doing an actually wonderful job staging the stages of investigative understanding for a cryptic, often inscrutable lead character.