Kaun? ★★★★

the kind of film that not only strands it's nightgown clad female heroine alone in a stormy night in an isolated house with an erratic man clawing at the door, but plays an "escaped serial killer on the loose" message over the radio like campfire ghost story.

nearly every character (there are three) in this film is erratic, eccentric, every inch of the location (just the house interior and balcony) is used with skill and imagination. the actors are great, the script by a young anurag kashyap consistently surprising in terms invention, the film broken down to little clusters of shifting power and tonality like movements in a little musical suite.

but real draw here is the glee rgv has in moving the pieces around, in each nasty bit of one upmanship, in the constant rain outside, the elegance of getting from one place to another.