Officer ★★★

honestly i will keep watching and enjoying these odd b-movie potboilers as long as rgv keeps making them.

rgv's obsession with a decoupage based on extravagant camera motion goes back to at least the steadicam theatrics in raat and anaganaga oka roju; by the 2010s his use of handheld dslr and gopro could seem sometimes arbitrary, like the (often very thin) plots were just excuses to test out new technology and undermine the logic of the bloated budgets of star-driven telugu film industry.

here there are still some odd choices especially during dialogue scenes (it often feels like he's bored and wants to liven things up) but during the action sequences the mix of cameras, now including drones, somehow adds up to a handful of truly fun action set pieces. it's the kind of movie that can be truly mean and cynical but still end with a song proclaiming "officer! he's an officer!"

edit: it's important to note that in the climax they attach a gopro to nagarjuna's fist, so when he's punching the villain you see it from the fist pov.