Raghu Romeo ★★★★

rajat kapoor's second film as director, after the quietly extraordinary debut prinvate detective two plus two plus one which i believe wouldn't be released until well after this film's success, a variation on the nurse betty theme (maladjusted young man is in love with persona of soap opera performer, ends up kidnapping her to protect her from mob hit) but avoids familiarity with every turn and every added layer, ending up as a strange and unsettling film about trying to find your place on the outskirts of a community.

watched this a few days after demme's death and hard not to see some of that spirit animating this, the luxuriating in the unexpected depth brought by seasoned character actors, the attention to place, the allowance to let scenes rattle off from one spot to another; if this film is less insistently bold in its framing than private detective this is still a film that does marvelous things in staging (great use of the offscreen space) and duration and tone.