Shaukeen ★★★½

3 horny old men (ashok kumar, ak hangal, and utpal dutt, all iconic actors in their own right) take a trip to goa and become enmeshed with a young couple, a young hotel singer and the young man who has taken on the role of their chauffeur. the scenes of the young couple (a charismatic mithun and rati agnihotri) playing an increasingly frayed deception in front of their temporary patrons can at time play like a much harsher variation on chupke chupke. lies and deception can bring a certain kind of liberation, but there is danger there too, not just social danger but of self delusion or deception; the film's final moments push against any thoughts of sentimentality or permanent growth.

have to confess i prefer basu chatterjee in his more reserved mode than this slightly broader one that seems to become more prominent in his work around this point (the major caveat being that he was an amazingly prolific writer/director around in this stretch and i've hardly seen a majority of his work). but i love the way he works with character and performance here, each performer is very distinct in appearance and energy and basu pushes them just to the point of caricature. he does manage to capture both what is poignant and slightly grotesque about this scenario, and never quite allows either tone to dominate.