Yaman ★★★½

know i've said this before but consistently impressed by the way certain strain of tamil film manages to ground genre film needs with very specific milieu and plotting. here what seems to be multi generational karmic revenge story (child of mixed caste marriage has his parents murdered, as an adult accepts responsibility for hit and run and is drawn into web of violence that ends not only when he kills murderers of parents, now at top of political chain, but has usurped their place) is slowly revealed to be very cynical film about the way being even in orbit of local political process corrupts.

jeeva shankar's direction can be a little functional at times, too often mistaking sickly green highlights for stylization, but there is a sure footed sense to the way the film progresses and an earnest belief in what it's doing. almost every action set piece lands, and the steady progression from molotov cocktail throwing to full scale fire bombing to the inferno at the election ceremony a very quietly smart conceit.