raul ruiz

seen but not on letterboxd:
les ombres chinoises
voyage of a hand
days in the country
insomniac on the bridge
miotte by ruiz

many more to see. including many that scarcely seem to exist (berenice, fado majeur et mineur, il viaggio clandestino, etc.).

this is still the best resource for writing on ruiz:

  • Manuel on the Island of Wonders
  • Three Crowns of the Sailor
  • Life Is a Dream
  • Vanishing Point
  • That Day
  • La Recta Provincia
  • Mysteries of Lisbon
  • Love Torn in a Dream
  • On Top of the Whale
  • Bérénice
  • Genealogies of a Crime
  • The Solitudes
  • The Golden Boat
  • Dog's Dialogue
  • The Lost Domain
  • Night Across the Street
  • Three Lives and Only One Death
  • City of Pirates
  • A Place Among the Living
  • The Film to Come
  • The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting
  • The Territory
  • Nucingen House
  • Ballet Aquatique
  • Treasure Island
  • Shattered Image
  • Comedy of Innocence
  • Professor Taranne
  • Klimt
  • A Closed Book