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collection of thoughts, still adding notes and seeing more films.

loving you, 1995
to calls this 1995 drama his second first film, and that seems appropriate in many ways – it is his first collaboration with longtime camera man cheng siu keung and favorite leading man lau ching wan. it is also, especially in an opening half hour that sees lau’s bad detective on a self-destructive path towards a (wholly redemptive) bullet in the head, a sign of a truly individual sensibility for to – softer, more impressionistic, mining both gun fights (the sequence in which lau is shot is a career stand-out, even still) and quiet moments (a seedy bar, lau falling asleep at a traffic light…

  • Loving You
  • A Hero Never Dies
  • Where a Good Man Goes
  • The Mission
  • PTU
  • Throw Down
  • Election
  • Election 2
  • Sparrow
  • Life Without Principle
  • Romancing in Thin Air
  • Blind Detective
  • The Enigmatic Case
  • All About Ah-Long
  • The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon
  • Casino Raiders II
  • Lifeline
  • The Longest Nite
  • Expect the Unexpected
  • Running Out of Time
  • Help!!!
  • Wu Yen
  • My Left Eye Sees Ghosts
  • Love for All Seasons
  • Running on Karma
  • Breaking News
  • Yesterday Once More
  • Exiled
  • Mad Detective
  • Vengeance
  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  • Drug War
  • The Heroic Trio
  • Running Out of Time 2
  • Turn Left, Turn Right
  • Executioners
  • A Moment of Romance III
  • The Bare-Footed Kid
  • The Odd One Dies
  • Fat Choi Spirit
  • Needing You...
  • Love on a Diet
  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2