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  • The Rules of Attraction

    The Rules of Attraction


    "-and it's a story that might bore you, but you don't have to listen, because I always knew it was going to be like that." - Lauren

    This was a good movie with great moments. I think that's the best way to put it. Some really fun and diverse music throughout, interesting cinematography and editing, and a pretty amazing performance from James Van Der Beek. If anything, the film's worth watching just for that. I have a feeling this will get an eventual, heavily in-depth revisit.


  • Collateral



    "Take comfort in knowing you never had a choice." - Vincent

    A damn good movie through and through. Intriguing camerawork, thoughtful writing, suspense and action to spare, and great performances from Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.

    Also, may have watched this twice today. Shut up.

    Also also, Hollywood, make more grey-haired Tom Cruise movies in the future, please. Thank you in advance.


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  • Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters


    (Special thanks to my friend Perry for recommending this film to me.)

    While this isn't normally my cup of tea, I had quite a bit of fun with this one. Campy as all hell, really cool practical effects and zombie makeup, and a funky soundtrack. I dug it. (Pun fully intended.) The finale at the church and the eye scene were especially highlights.

    That, and zombie vs shark, which might be the peak of all cinema.


  • The Dirties

    The Dirties


    "You know, if people don't get this, it's going to backfire so hard." - Matt


    That's all I could muster saying after watching this film. I was originally going to just stick to watching two films today but then I remembered that this movie was on Amazon Prime, and since I had a major interest in checking out the work of Matt Johnson, I thought this was a good start.

    Again, wow. I'm surprised that a film like this…