Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

I love you 3000.

Today was a very good day at school. It seems like I have one hundred percents guaranteed for at least two of my finals. To celebrate a job well done, I treated myself to another viewing of Avengers: Endgame, and I've got some bad news. I think with this viewing, it's both overtaking The Winter Soldier as my new favorite MCU flick, and more notably, entering into my overall Top 20 all-time favorites. It's okay, you can take away my cinephile badge and my license to critique. I don't need them anymore.

What I loved from the first time I loved just as much, if not even more. For whatever reason, I got much more emotional at certain points on this viewing. Still didn't cry, but I teared up at least four or five times. (Still can't say what parts they were, but I think I'll cover spoilers sometime soon.) The parts I was indifferent to didn't bother me as much, some not even being problems anymore. Character motivations that were murky made more sense, and I'm at the point where I can't really bring myself to criticize the use and coherence of [REDACTED PLOT DEVICE]. It isn't a perfect movie, but its flaws stand to me as things to admire in a way instead of look down at. (There's also only one bit of comedy that I still think went on for notably too long. It's the one with Scott and Hulk. You know the one if you've seen it.)

It's still hard for me to fully go into detail about why Avengers: Endgame works as amazingly well for me as it does. That's partially because I still want to avoid spoilers, and because the scope of it all, in terms of both thematic material and the amount of shit that happens in this thing. I'll absolutely be seeing it again sometime before it leaves theaters. I'll happily be watching it over and over when it comes to Blu-Ray, but this is still one of those movies that was built for the theater experience. I have no idea when it will ever come back to the big screen after it ends its run, so I want at least one more joyride. Whenever I squeeze in my third viewing, I'm gonna attempt to do a complete spoiler-filled analysis of the film like I did with last year's Mute. It's more than deserving of that treatment.

The cast and crew over at Marvel have outdone themselves time and time again. Incredible actors, wonderful writers, crafty directors, the best special effects teams, all the stops being pulled out by everyone no matter who they are or what they're doing. Avengers: Endgame, like Avengers: Infinity War before it, should've buckled under its own weight. However, thanks to a fuckton of build-up and hard work, we got to see an "ending" that could not have possibly been any better in my eyes. I can't help but be one of those over-exaggerating fools that already thinks this is one of the best movies ever made. Cosmic and personal beauty. Downright majestic at some moments, wonderfully goofy at others. Superhero flicks aren't everybody's cup of tea and that's perfectly fine. Logan still stands at the top of the mountain as my favorite of the genre, but otherwise, this is as good, and therefore incredible, as it gets. Avengers assemble.


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