Blindspotting ★★★★½

I ain't no killer.

This is the type of character drama that I just eat up. So very clearly personal to the writers and stars of the film. Like I felt the first time, I think Rafael Casal is absolutely fantastic in this, but on this viewing, I really connected with Daveed Diggs' performance as well. I like that the two characters exemplify male anger in different ways, Casal's Miles like a firecracker off that bat that eventually needs to calm down and confront his own rage. Meanwhile, with Diggs' Colin, it builds, and builds, and builds, until it just fucking explodes in the still masterful spoken word finale. You hear it however many times about however many movies in a given year, but here I really mean it when I say it's a goddamn shame this got next to no awards love. Fuck it being "relevant", it's part of what makes Blindspotting a great movie, but its greatness goes beyond that. It feels like it tackles so much while also knowing it doesn't really have the antidote to the problems it's examining. This is two friends looking at the city they so clearly love, and they see things they want to protect, and things they want eradicated. How to go about that isn't clear, but it's not about finding the answers, it's about truly confronting the problems, and not just the ones that are easy to see. There are at least two perspectives to every situation. You can be trained to see both, but there's always going to be one your brain goes to off the bat. With this said, make no mistake, despite having many hard moments to swallow, I had forgotten how funny this movie is as well. By its end, it lands on a conclusion that's light and leaves a traditional ending to happen beyond the credits, and I wouldn't prefer it any other way. Colin and Miles have shit they need to work on, and I trust that will come with time. Loved this when I watched it in theaters back in 2018, and now I straight-up think it's one of my favorites from the last decade.


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